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Enhance your Guest Experience with Scent!

Appeal to your guests' most powerful sense

An outstanding guest experience leaves a lasting impression of comfort, ease and relaxation on every guest you serve. Create an outstanding experience by appealing to your guests senses, especially their most powerful sense - the sense of smell. It is the only one of our five senses that is directly linked to the part of the brain that processes emotions and memories. And research shows that people are 100 times more likely to remember what they smell vs. what they see, hear or touch.

Improving your guest experience by infusing ScentAir fragrances into select areas of your space will create an olfactory memory for guests, which will bring to mind your spa or salon and their relaxing experience every time they encounter your chosen fragrance.

Spas and salons worldwide count on ScentAir to help transform their environments through scent and aroma marketing. We can help you choose the right scent system and strategy to automatically dispense the RIGHT fragrance at the RIGHT time.
Add scent to your salon or spa and give your guests a truly transcendent experience!

The benefits of scent marketing:

  • Create a powerful arrival experience
  • Encourage an escape into relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Connect with your guests on an emotional level

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 Harness the power of scent to transform your environment

Your guest experience matters!

Successful areas for scenting

A few areas you can use scent to enhance your space:

scentable spaces

Why choose ScentAir?

  • With 100,000+ active scent deployments in 109 countries, we're sure you've experienced us somewhere throughout the world.
  • We offer a monthly scent service with convenient auto-ship replacements or full-service options.
  • Our scent machines are low maintenance and customizable, including a built-in timer and fragrance intensity options.
  • We guarantee a local scent expert in your area to help determine the right solution for your space.
  • With access to over 2,400 fragrances, the right scent for your business can be found at ScentAir!

We could go on but…we’d rather you see what our customers say about us.

"Using ScentAir has changed our guest experience for the better. Guests are greeted with a signature fragrance that creates a positive experience from the moment they walk in the school and salon. The ScentAir system also helps neutralize and overcome the mixed aromas that we face daily as a cosmetology school. If you are looking for something really cool and different, that makes people smile and talk about your facility, I recommend you try ScentAir today."

~Harry Comp, Owner, Paul Mitchell School, Hackensack, NJ



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