As a company that makes our customers’ environments more attractive with the power of scent, we care deeply about the sustainability of our global environment. So, with your help, we know we can greatly reduce our carbon footprint through the reduction of transportation emissions. The ScentDirect Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) allows customers can to take advantage of our most environmentally friendly, and cost effective, ScentDirect scenting solution. The AMP program is for customers who need precision scenting in large open spaces and are willing to manage their scent brand directly by replacing their ScentDirect cartridges directly as needed every few months. By changing cartridges directly without the need for multiple on-site technician visit per year, and by disposing of used scent cartridges locally (in accordance with your local regulations) just as we would if cartridges were shipped back to us, AMP customers can be a partner in helping our environment!

Of course, cartridges may also be returned to ScentAir for disposal if you prefer this option. View return shipping instructions for additional information.
If you require additional safety disposal documentation, contact us. 

Tips to Identify When Your Cartridge Needs Replaced

Smell: The first identifier it may be time to change your cartridge is a lack of scent in the air, but this can also be tricky given how our sense of smell gets accustomed to fragrances we encounter every day; so its recommended to get a second nose involved
Sight: By opening your ScentDirect door to view the oil cartridge directly you can easily see if its time to change your oil cartridge
Sound: When the scent direct cartridge is empty, you can often notice a new soft but high-pitch sound coming from the machine


A. Unplug the power cord from the system for safety.
B. Lift the door latch located on the right side of the case.
C. Open the door to the ScentDirect system.
D. Pull the cartridge assembly levers outward to unlock.
E. Slide the old cartridge out of the guide rails until completely removed from the ScentDirect unit.

2) PREPARE YOUR NEW CARTRIDGEOpen the plastic bag and remove the new cartridge.A. Unscrew both shipping caps from the tubes.B. Screw them onto the Old Cartridge for disposal.

3) INSTALLING YOUR NEW CARTRIDGEA. Face the white air inlet nozzle towards the opening in the back of the system. Install the new cartridge by sliding it along the guide rails for proper alignment.B. Close the levers to lock the cartridge in place. Do not force.C. Close the door and slide the latch down to lock the case.D. Be sure to plug the power cord back into the system.

You have completed your ScentDirect Cartridge replacement.

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