ScentWave™ 1004 / 1005

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Just like the ScentWave 1001, the ScentWave 1004 / 1005 scent dispenser efficiently delivers fragrance using interchangeable ScentAir cartridges. A fan built into the cartridge turns on and off at varying intervals creating the desired scent intensity. The scent dispenser uses custom event settings to set the precise times and days of the week when the system will run.

Product Highlights:

  • Up to 6 customizable events
  • Adjustable fan speed and scent intensity settings
  • Easily interchangeable scent cartridge
  • Multiple installation options
  • Recyclable cartridge
  • Available in black or white
ScentAir ScentWave 1004
Does your ScentWave look different? Click here for Model 1001.
Setup Videos
Unboxing the ScentWave
Cartridge Installation 
Creating and Deleting Events 
Editing Events 


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