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Your customer experience matters! Consider the impact of scent in your consignment shop.

Elevating the quality of the shopping experience and creating a positive and lasting impression are essential to encouraging linger time in the store and overcoming preconceptions often associated with consignment and thrift stores. Your customers' sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways they will connect with your store. Consignment and thrift shops worldwide count on ScentAir to enhance the entrance, cash wrap, retail space, dressing rooms and more using scent and aroma marketing.

Check out a few brands in your industry that are already partnering with ScentAir:

Clothes MentorPlato's Closet
Kid to KidPlay It Again Sports
Once Upon A ChildUptown Cheapskate

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See what our customers say about ScentAir...

"Customers tend to shop more and spend more. Everything inside my store smells wonderful! Customers and staff both have noticed and we receive compliments."
-Manager of a Plato's Closet location

"My customers have told me they like coming to my location over other locations because it smells better. Customers return to my location because of the ambiance of the store, which includes how it smells. It has a very welcoming scent. The customers enjoy shopping and want to stay longer."
-Manager of a Once Upon A Child location

"Customers feel like our clothing resale shop is a cleaner, newer place. It makes them more comfortable and differentiates us from a thrift store. I also think it helps our local franchise have a current, competitive edge with corporate companies."
-Manager at a Style Encore location

Why choose ScentAir?

  • Scent is personal. That's why we have scent experts located all over the world to work with you every step of the way.
  • With us, it's easy. Self- or full-service plans are available including convenient auto-ship options.
  • Our scent delivery machines are low-maintenance and customizable.
  • With access to over 2,400 fragrances, we guarantee the perfect scent match for your business.
  • With 100,000+ active scent deployments in 109 countries, we're sure you've experienced us somewhere throughout the world.

Fragrance Collection

Our extensive fragrance catalog provides access to over 2,400 fragrances grouped into eight experiences. Whether you're seeking a crisp and invigorating feel or a warm and inviting atmosphere, we guarantee the perfect scent match for your store.


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