Your customer experience matters! Consider the impact of scent in your amusement space.

Creating an outstanding experience by appealing to your customers' senses, improving moods and creating emotional associations is essential to securing repeat visits at your venue. Your customers’ sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways they will connect with your amusement space. Entertainment venues worldwide count on ScentAir to enhance the entrance, event space, concession area, bars and lounges using scent and aroma marketing.

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Bounce URockin' Jump
Dave & Buster'sSkyZone
Pump It UpSacramento Kings Arena

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See what our customers say about ScentAir...

“We only get one shot at making a first impression, and undoubtedly, our customized scent sets the stage that Monkey Joe's is the place for fun. From the moment our guests arrive, they experience complementary smells, sounds, and tactile stimuli, creating a fresh, invigorating atmosphere within our indoor park."
-Owner at a Monkey Joe's location

"The ScentAir systems that we have been using at our Experience Center have been nothing less than exceptional. Compliments are always pouring in from guests as well as our employees."
-Experience Manager, Sacramento Kings

“Customer service is a top priority at SWIMkids USA. We are always looking for ways to exceed expectations. Having the facility smell great reaches them at an unconscious level in a very positive way."
-Marketing Specialist at SWIMkids USA

Why choose ScentAir?

  • Scent is personal. That's why we have scent experts located all over the world to work with you every step of the way.
  • With us, it's easy. Self- or full-service plans are available including convenient auto-ship options.
  • Our scent delivery machines are low-maintenance and customizable.
  • With access to over 2,400 fragrances, we guarantee the perfect scent match for your business.
  • With 100,000+ active scent deployments in 109 countries, we're sure you've experienced us somewhere throughout the world.

Fragrance Collection

Our extensive fragrance catalog provides access to over 2,400 fragrances grouped into eight experiences. Whether you're seeking a crisp and invigorating feel or a warm and inviting atmosphere, we guarantee the perfect scent match for your amusement space.


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