11 Workout Trends to Boost Gym Membership in 2019

Keeping your facility’s services fresh will encourage brand loyalty and can help reduce cancelations as the new year wanes.
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Workout Trends to Boost Gym Membership in 2019

7 Fitness Business Trends of 2019

Use these trends to stimulate growth, improve your brand image, and, ultimately, increase your revenue.
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2019 Fitness Business Trends

12 Scents of the Season

Cinnamon, peppermint and bright winter greens, these are a few of our favorite things…
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Scent Marketing 12 Scents of the Season

Why the Holidays Smell So Good (According to Science)

Research shows there could be serious benefits to some of your favorite holiday scents.
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Scent Marketing Holiday Fragrances

Cloud Synchronized Scent Marketing is Changing the Game

Learn how ScentAir is empowering clients with cloud-based scent marketing.
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Scent Connect Solution

These Scents Will Make Consumers Spend More

Research has a theory why certain scents encourage people to open their wallets.
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Four Ways to Make a Great First Impression at Senior Living Communities

Choosing a new living situation for Mom or Dad is one of the most important decisions an adult child can make.
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If your business isn't utilizing the power of scent, here are 10 ways you may benefit from a scent marketing strategy.

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Are families touring your community but leaving without making a commitment? A few simple changes to your environment can help with this.

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With so many options, how do you decide which type of fragrance system is right for your business?

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Here's what you can you do in your role as administrator or supervisor to support your team.

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