Shaking HandsIf your business isn't utilizing the power of scent, here are 10 ways you may benefit from a scent marketing strategy.

10 Benefits of Scent Marketing for Your Business

If your business isn't utilizing the power of scent, here are 10 ways you may benefit from a scent marketing strategy.


#1.  Increase Sales
Scent can trigger instant emotional connections with customers, thus being very effective in boosting sales. Exxon On The Run convenience stores highlighted a new brewing system with coffee scents and saw a 55% increase in coffee sales.

#2.  Heighten Value Perception
Customers tend to perceive a scented space as being of better quality. Study participants were willing to pay 10-15% more for a pair of Nike shoes in a scented room as compared to identical shoes in a unscented room.

#3.  Expand Brand Recognition
Scent helps create memorable experiences and associations in people’s minds. Research shows at least 63% of consumers have chosen one store/brand over another due to a stores pleasant scent.

#4.  Enhance Customer Experience
Research indicates a 40% improvement in mood when exposed to a pleasant scent, resulting in happier customers.

#5.  Create a Welcoming First Impression
Scent sets a lasting first impression that connects emotionally on deeper levels with your customers from the second they walk through your door. In fact, 82% of consumers spend more time in a place that was pleasantly scented.

#6.  Increase Linger Time
The right scent can encourage customers to interact with your product longer. In a study conducted by Samsung, shoppers underestimated the amount of time they spent shopping by 26% and visited 3x more sections when exposed to aromas.

#7.  Enhance Interior Aesthetics
Whether your space is new or in need of a facelift, scent is an economical way to create or enhance a modern ambiance, giving your business an updated look and feel.

#8.  Create Memorable Experiences
Scent can evoke a warm feeling of familiarity and trigger memories. People are 100x more likely to remember what they smell vs what they see, hear or touch.

#9.  Influence Mood
Pleasant scents can help your customers feel relaxed, happy and ready to do business. A fragrance expert can help you identify the perfect scent match for your business.

#10.  Combat Malodors
If your business struggles with malodors or produces an off-putting smell, using an odor neutralizing fragrance can help to greatly reduce, neutralize, or eliminate malodors.


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