Candy CaneCinnamon, peppermint and bright winter greens, these are a few of our favorite things…

12 Scents of the Season

The holiday season is a feast for the senses. But if there’s one sense that works double duty during the holiday season, it’s the sense of smell. An abundance of scents, like the richness of baked goodies and the freshness of seasonal botanicalsoffer a wide pallet to work with when crafting complex fragrances that are a true holiday treat.12_Scents_of_the_Season  

Utilizing a seasonal fragrance offers an excellent opportunity to evoke pleasant holiday memories and connect to your customers in new way. Research suggests that when paired with holiday music, customers are more likely to report positive associations in a retail environment, while other studies show that some of the classic holiday scents are associated with health benefitsThe right festive scent can endear your brand to customers as a quintessential part of their holiday season.

In honor of thmost wonderful time of the year, we’ve compiled some of our favorite scents of the 2018 holiday season.

Here are the 12 Scents of the Season: 

1.  From red berries and sparkling citrus to the fresh scent of fir balsam, Noel brings together the classic fragrances of the season.   

2.  Like sipping mulled cider while in search of the perfect Christmas tree, Season’s Greetings opens with juicy oranges infused with the warm spiciness of cinnamon and a touch of clove wrapped in a rich fir balsam and cedar boughs.  

3.  With the scent of warm baking spices and a hint of buttercream, Gingerbread Man will remind you of decorating cookies on a chilly afternoon 

4.  Like a crisp walk through pristine snow, Peppermint invigorates the senses with base notes of vanilla  

5. Cornucopia is the scent of abundance with cranberry and orange mixed with rich cinnamon, clove and a smooth base of sandalwood and fir balsam 

6.  Orange zest, white fir, holiday evergreen sprigs, and balsamic woods create the refreshing aromatic scent of Pine Forest. 

7.  Like dessert by the fireGolden Delight opens with rich and buttery caramel with hints of vanilla and crystallized sugar.  

8.  Enjoy a special recipe of mouth-watering cranberries, tart sliced apples, warm cinnamon and clove with vanilla and sugary jam in Cranberry Apple Marmalade 

9.  Blending together cassis, grapefruit, black plum, cinnamon, and clove, Festival of Spices completes any party.  

10.  Be transported to stroll through a snow-covered wood with Evergreen Forest, robust blend of leafy greens, balsam sprigs, pine, clove leaf, wild herbs, and earthy patchouli.  

11.  The sweet vanilla scent of Sugar Cookie will send you back to Grandma’s kitchen, covered in flour and icing sugarno measuring or pre-heating required. 

12. Spiced Apple Cider will warm you from the inside out, with hints of cinnamon and cloves supporting the fresh bite of crisp apple.  

No matter which scent you choose, spreading holiday cheer is easy with ScentAir.  

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