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Cloud Synchronized Scent Marketing is Changing the Game

What do perfume, cookies, the ocean, and a new sports car have in common? They all activate your senses. More specifically they activate your sense of smell. The power of scent in marketing has been around for a long time and naturally, we all gravitate towards it. With 87% of consumers saying scent influences their perception of a brand, ScentAir has been enhancing business spaces and brand recognition through the power of scent since 1994.

As a global leading scent company dedicated to industry leadership and innovation, ScentAir is introducing ScentConnect, a cloud-based marketing management platform that connects multi-location and multi-device synchronization of scent system devices. This new platform allows their customers’ scenting experience to be more customized for different spaces as it creates a controlled experience in target areas such as an entry area, a lounge, or an office waiting area. ScentConnect is also the only scent technology with a patented target area control design, making scent synchronization across devices easy to use and highly effective. With ScentConnect, an entire building environment can be transformed into a brand-new space, when and at what intensity is best for their customers business.  


When asked about the value of ScentConnect, ScentAir CEO Dan Connors said, “ScentConnect is a platform designed to empower our clients and enhance spaces in a much more efficient manner. Clients now have the visibility and control they need to drive meaningful customer behaviors and ultimately positive business results.” ScentAir’s mission is to incorporate scent as a key element in guest experiences, overall satisfaction, linger time, and sales activity. With research proving 82% of consumers would spend more time in a place that was pleasantly scented versus not, the value of scent marketing is a scientific marketing approach to drive results. Other value drivers, such as customer survey feedback proving resort customers give higher cleanliness ratings as a result of using ScentAir add additional secondary benefits not often planned. Why? Because, not only do customers feel up to a 40% improvement in mood when exposed to a pleasing scent, they also feel like they’re in a neat and tidy location once they get back to their rooms. “You’d be surprised by how much a scent can subtly but also powerfully transform a business,” says Connors. “There’s no need to overdo the scent of a space. At ScentAir we strive for subtlety, because our primary goal is to enhance our clients’ brand image and convey their scent message in a manner that drives their desired business results.”

Through thousands of fragrance options, ScentAir influences a consumer’s brand perception by enhancing a building’s scent. Take a rainforest café for instance: the restaurant simply can’t fly you to a rainforest, so together with ScentAir and some amazing creative decor, they bring the rainforest to you. Using a customized fragrance with exotic and fanciful elements, guests will believe they traveled far and wide when they haven’t even left the dinner table.

As a new product, the ScentConnect platform has been designed to support the ScentAir ScentStream Connect scent delivery product. ScentStream Connect works through advanced diffusion technology where fragrance is released into existing heating and air conditioning ventilation systems. Now with ScentConnect, ScentStream Connect offers the ease of remote device monitoring from any internet connected device—from anywhere in the world. Removing any need for tedious individual device by device management. It's also a closed-network for network security and reliably.

With the new ScentConnect cloud synchronized scent marketing platform, ScentAir greatly enhances how their customers manage their large business spaces. ScentConnect is easy, secure, and provides 24/7 remote system monitoring in the rare event that something goes wrong. Designed from the ground up by ScentAir, ScentConnect improves business results while simultaneously creating a universal space of comfort and relaxation.

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