Woman drinking coffeeWith so many options, how do you decide which type of fragrance system is right for your business?

The Pros and Cons of Scent Solutions

You’ve done your homework. More than ever, you are convinced that adding ambient fragrance to your business will greatly enhance the environment. But there are so many choices. Where to start?

Now is the time to weigh the pros and cons of each of your options. You want to make an informed, confident decision. Let’s start by examining some of the fragrance generators most readily available in retail outlets. The most common of these are wax melts, candles, plug-ins, and sprays.

There are advantages to being able to go out and buy as many plug-ins (for example) as you want and plugging them in yourself. The same holds for buying sprays or candles. They tend to be inexpensive. There is no long-term commitment. You can try each in turn and easily decide which you like best.

Unfortunately, what you will probably find is that none of these solutions exactly fits the bill. Many of these products work best in smaller spaces—individual rooms or homes. Using them in a commercial space may not be ideal.

Let’s first look at the issue of safety.

  • Candles. Sure, they provide a nice ambiance, but they are also the riskiest solution. More than 15,000 fires are caused each year by the careless or inappropriate use of candles. Yikes!  
  • Wax Melts. While this is a safer alternative to burning candles, you still run the risk of spills – if the warmer tips over, the hot wax can burn skin and ruin furniture. If you are considering this option, be prepared to have to change the scents often and designate time daily to turn them on and off.
  • Plug-ins. Plug-ins, of course, need to be plugged in. This means they are close to floor level and easy to bump into. They are also possible fire hazards and require frequent replacement upkeep.
  • Sprays. Sprays, unfortunately, become liquid or sticky when they fall to a surface. This creates a possible slip or fall hazard. Sprays have also been known to be accidentally discharged at the wrong time; i.e. in someone’s face or on someone’s head.

Implementing a scent marketing strategy can nullify many of these issues. With scent marketing, you have a wide variety of scent delivery systems and technologies to choose from. Not only are these solutions safe and sustainable, but also low-maintenance with easy programmable events.

A scent marketing delivery system offers customizable settings with the ability to adjust fragrance intensity. Choose from hundreds of fragrance types, from crisp and invigorating to warm and inviting. Your scent provider will work with you to sample fragrances and determine the best match for your needs.

Now that you have a sense of what is available, why wait? Get started with scent marketing to complete your environmental ambiance and create a powerful customer experience.


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