Relax, here's a science of scents cheat sheet.

The science of olfaction is an active, exciting field. A modern era of research on the impact of scents exploded following the 2004 Nobel Prize awards to Richard Axel and Linda Buck for their groundbreaking work on the sense of smell.

Coincidentally, ScentAir was founded shortly thereafter! There are all kinds of facts and data on the power of the olfactory system and how it can help shape your customer experience.

Did you know

  • People are 100x more likely to remember what they smell vs what they see
  • People recall smells with a 65% accuracy after a year
  • 75% of all the emotions we generate everyday are due to what we smell
  • 40% improvement in mood when exposed to a pleasing scent
  • Restaurant scenting can increase time spent by 15%
  • Convenience stores saw a 55% increase in coffee sales after introducing coffee scents


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