ScentAir is heading to Japan. Furthering their ever-growing global reach, ScentAir recently announced it has expanded operations into the Japanese market. Based out of Tokyo, the new ScentAir offices will serve the entire country and will enable ScentAir to work directly with exciting Japanese brands.

ScentAir Expands into the Japanese Market

Wed Jul 24, 2019

Charlotte, NC: ScentAir, the global leader in scent marketing, announced today that it has expanded operations into the Japanese market. ScentAir’s new Tokyo based office will serve the entire country of Japan and will allow the company to directly serve Japanese brands. The expansion is a result of a long partnership between ScentAir and distributor Reliance, Inc. In order to facilitate their expansion, ScentAir has acquired the fragrance marketing division of the Tokyo based distributor.  

For 20 years, ScentAir has developed innovative technology to effectively scent commercial spaces and transform the way brands communicate with customers. Businesses across three continents, in 119 countries, have incorporated ScentAir technology to connect with customers. The arrival of ScentAir in Tokyo accelerates the growth of the organization and underscores its position as the global leader in scent marketing.

“We’re grateful to the Reliance team for the long partnership we’ve fostered together and are excited to welcome them to the ScentAir family,” said Brian Edwards, CRO of ScentAir. “As ScentAir continues to expand, our ever-growing global reach will empower more businesses to harness the power of human connection through scent. We’re looking forward to collaborating with Japanese brands and bringing them the best of the scent marketing industry.”

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