ScentConnect is the only connected scent technology platform with a patented Target Area Control Design to enable the easy synchronization and control of multi-devices across a location’s scent targeted areas. This feature eliminates the need for tedious individual device management. With the industry leading features of 24/7 remote monitoring by ScentAir, a proprietary closed-network device-to-cloud design, and real-time system control from any internet connected mobile or desktop device from anywhere in the world. The future of scent marketing is here!

The ScentConnect platform is currently available for the ScentStream® Connect HVAC integrated delivery systems. To be followed in 2019 by the ScentDirect® and ScentWave® delivery systems.


24/7 Peace of Mind Visibility

Easy Multi-System Control

Closed-Network Security

Connected Features 

  • 24/7 remote ScentAir monitoring

  • Around the clock system monitoring by ScentAir

  • Proactive alert notifications

  • Real-time system usage analytics

  • Historical system analysis reporting

  • Mobile-friendly portal accessible

  • Patented Target Area Control Design

  • Quickly synchronize multiple scent systems

  • Single building and multi-location control

  • No need to access local area networks

  • Secure device-to-cloud communications

ScentConnect Solution

ScentConnect gives you the ability to easily manage multi-device single-building or multi-location scent delivery networks — 24/7


ScentConnect Connectivity

ScentConnect was created by listening to the needs of ScentAir customers, who said they wanted a way to change their business’ fragrance intensity throughout the day and needed to easily control the scent in particular areas of a property at any given time. That’s why ScentAir developed ScentConnect. The revolutionary ScentAir ScentConnect platform makes the role of managing, designing, reporting and analyzing scent marketing programs easier, smarter and more controllable than ever before.

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