ScentDirect Connect is a cloud-connected smart scent management solution that offers your business enterprise-class tools, directly from any Internet-connected device—anywhere in the world.

The ScentDirect delivery system features advanced diffusion technology that releases a fine, dry, invisible mist directly into your environment. Designed to maximize the efficiency of scent delivery, the ScentDirect system covers your medium sized target areas with more intensity, while using easily replaceable fragrance oil cartridges.

Powered by the most comprehensive cloud connected solution in the scent marketing industry, ScentConnect. ScentDirect Connect offers complete scent system visibility and easy control of your targeted scent areas.


Peace of Mind Visibility

Wi-Fi Device Control

Endless Scheduling Options

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ScentDirect Connect Features 

  • 24/7 remote ScentAir monitoring

  • Around the clock system monitoring by ScentAir

  • Proactive alert notifications

  • Real-time system usage statistics

  • Mobile-friendly portal accessible

  • Quickly synchronize multiple scent systems

  • Single building and multi-location control

  • Secure device-to-cloud communications

  • Advanced atomization technology

  • Patented technology for consistent fragrance delivery

ScentConnect Solution

ScentDirect Connect empowers you to easily manage just one device or a multi-device, multi-location scent delivery network— 24/7
ScentDirect Connect Cloud Map

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