Florida Hospital

"ScentAir has played a large role in creating our overall environment. The calming environment has resulted in 50% fewer cancellations."

Managing Director
Seaside Imaging


Fear is one of the most powerful emotions. And what could be more fearful than a visit to the hospital for an MRI? Celebration Health, Florida Hospital's health care facility located in Disney's town of Celebration, had a serious problem with patients canceling MRI appointments at the last minute. These cancellations could not be filled in a timely manner and would ultimately lead to lost revenues. The hospital was seeking a solution to help reduce these cancellations.


So Celebration Health got creative. They renamed their MRI department to Seaside Imaging and turned it into a relaxing beach-themed environment. Beach murals were painted on the walls throughout the waiting and changing rooms and the usual chairs were replaced with wooden rocking chairs and folding lounge chairs. Even the MRI machine itself was transformed into a large sandcastle. ScentAir provided the fragrances of Coconut Beach and Ocean to complete their revolutionary approach. The result? How does a 50% reduction in cancellations sound?


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